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Cultivating Compassion 

Bringing awareness of the truth of our past in order to build bridges from the past to the present and subsequently our future.

A four module workshop to create awareness and understanding of Indigenous and Canadian history. Our goal is to cultivate a compassionate approach to being active in pathways to reconciliation and responsible decolonization as individuals, communities and businesses. 


                                    September 19

               Morning                                  Afternoon 

                                    September 26

               Morning                                  Afternoon 


 What cultural  linguistic, spiritual, scientific, social, and economic practices were in place prior to "first contact?" Why is Indigenous pedagogy important?


What is colonization? How did colonization affect the existing cultures and peoples of this land? What colonial 

practices are still taking place?

Pathways to Reconciliation

What is the process of reconciliation? How can I take part as an individual, a community, or a business?


What is decolonization? Breaking down myths, conceptualizing possibilities, recognizing the relationship between reconciliation and decolonization. 

We will be following the health protocols put in place by AHS for gatherings during COVID-19. Masks and sanitizer will be provided.


There will be a small assortment of prepackaged refreshments available, as well as coffee and tea.

Please bring your own lunch


Would you like to join us?

Please contact Kellie Nixon to register


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