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Progressive Aboriginal Relations

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Progressive Aboriginal Relations™ (PAR) is an online management and reporting program that supports progressive improvement in Indigenous relations, and a certification program that confirms corporate performance in Indigenous relations at the bronze, silver or gold level. Certified companies promote their certification with a PAR logo that signals to communities that they are good business partners; great places to work, and are committed to prosperity in Indigenous communities.


The PAR program encourages companies to evolve and participate in a growing Indigenous business economy across Canada. The fastest-growing segment and Canada’s population comes within its Indigenous community, which is also becoming increasingly urbanized.  These four performance areas; Leadership Actions, Employment, Business Development, and Community Relationships provide a foundation for the PAR program and represent the core components to successful positive business relations with the Indigenous community.


As CCAB-certified PAR Facilitators and Cultural Awareness Trainers, HBHL offers assistance to organizations seeking PAR certification at various levels, including committed, bronze, silver, and gold. We can guide your organization through each step of the certification process.

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